Price: $100

Seller: Katherine Allen
State: Colorado
City: Aurora
Zip code: 80016
Type: Pets

We have a Bearded Dragon that is approximately 1 1/2 years old for sale.  We originally purchased this pet for our 10 year old son through Rocky Mountain Reptile Rescue.  Our son "thought" he was old enough and mature enough to take care of the pet; including, feeding, cleaning, etc...  After about 5 months that is obviously not the case.  We are asking $100.00 for all OBO.  Unfortunately, $50.00 is not an OBO.  We live in Aurora, CO near Southlands Mall.
What is included:
Bearded Dragon, 30 gallon tank, day heat lamp, night heat lamp, flourescent lamp, water dish, food dish, tank mat, climbing limb, hiding log, walking leash, cricket holder
He eats about 30 crickets per week right now, and loves broccoli slaw, blueberries, spinach, etc...  You should be able to ween him off crickets without too much trouble.